433 am

And I can’t sleep
At all

So it’s midnight
And you fell asleep
So I felt the need to hack your blog and tell you how lame it is.
You haven’t posted in forever.
Think I’m gonna have to unfollow you because you’re so boring
(Did I just say that on your blog)
I diddddd…
Do me….a favor and go back to posting trucks and ish…
K thanks. :)


Fucking done living with people who have no regard for anything that doesnt concern themselves.
Hoping and praying things work out with this emt stuff quick so I can get the hell away from them for good.
I need a miracle to happen


Ive managed to wake up three times already in an even shorter time span tonight. Oi. I dont like any of. This one bit. Itll be a miracle making it through the day

Ive always thought of you ever since this song came out

but today was the first time it brought tears to my eyes when i heard it on the radio

The Band Perry - All Your Life


Thompson Square - If I didnt have you


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These restless, tossing and turning, waking up every hour nights are taking their toll on me.

This is the third time ive woken up in just a of couple hours. I can literally feel the lack of sleep taking its toll on me. Every day im feeling more and more exhausted.

It feels like the days are getting longer and im tiring out quicker.
just wish things werent how they are.
I miss feeling at home
I miss being with you
I miss you being part of my day today life
I miss your hug and your kiss
I miss your laugh
I miss everything about you.
Ive turned into a mess without you
A big part of me is missing and I feel so empty. I need you hh :(
Lord help me please

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want this to happen to me


More short cute love quotes on tumblr.

Never thought a bag with select clothing articles would bring so many tears to my eyes

My stomach is in knots right now
Lord help me please

I dont want things to be like this

Dear mom

I like dogs and all and always have.
But anymore you have pretty much ridded any joy that Ive had with them.
You are such a psychotic bitch when it comes to dogs. Its fucking sicking how much youe prioritize the dogs over anything else in life. I dont live my life that way and never will. Dont like that? Too damn bad. Get over. K. Bye psyco.


I kinda feel like a major douche right now

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